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  • If you have a big project, or are planning to buy in bulk, we recommend that you make a submission in order to obtain good prices tailored to the size of your project. A team of representatives is at your service to help you during this process. Furthermore, our estimation and engineering team will be happy to advise you on the best ways to reduce costs and future issues on site.

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  • If you want to calculate support force, for example to eliminate a column and replace it with a beam, our complete engineering service can treat this type of request. You can make your request online, or visit us in store where we will take down your information. A technical estimator will contact you with the details and results within 24 business hours for this type of request.

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  • Any entrepreneur or account holder wishing to make an online purchase cannot simply charge their transaction to the account. All online purchases paid for by credit card must be made through our secure payment system. All entrepreneurs or account holders at Pont-Masson wishing to make a purchase online and charge it to their account must first make a request to their assigned sales representative. You can also make your request at making sure to include your account number.

  • Which methods of payment are accepted in store?

    Cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard, gift cards and preapproved cheques are all accepted in store. We also accept wire transfers.

    What are the methods of payment accepted online?

    Our online store accepts Canadian issued Visas and Mastercards.

    Can I make an order over the phone, without having to come in store?

    If you wish to make an order over the phone without having to come in store, our drivers are equipped with portable payment terminals. Otherwise, you could always make a wire transfer. Contact us; we will be happy to tell you more about our payment at delivery procedures.

    What are the available financing options?

    It is possible to open an account in order to facilitate your recurring purchases (as well as designate certain people who are authorized to charge purchases to your account, such as entrepreneurs or workers).

  • Pickup, Shipping, and Delivery

    Instore pickup is free.

    Delivery with our trucks is 85$

    Shipping fees are a standard 10$ with Purolator. Additional fees may apply when shipping large or heavy materials, as well as when shipping to remote locations. If so, you will be informed of these additional fees on the payment page. 

    Here is the chart used by Purolator to calculate additional shipping fees:

    Weight between 70-150 lbs per piece/ Total order

    Additional 50$

    Items larger than 48 inches

    Additional 20$

    + than 150lbs / + than 96 inches – Write to us!

    Why are the truck delivery fees different if you make the request online rather than in store?

    We apply the same delivery fee to every delivery made by our trucks in order to simplify the process and remain transparent. In store, we can apply a variable price chart according to the vehicle that will be used for the delivery, knowing the requirements for the delivery.

    Delivery Locations

    The articles on our website can only be delivered to addresses in Quebec and Ontario. For any questions related to our delivery locations, contact us at

    For in store pickup requests, the articles on our website can only be picked up at Materiaux Pont-Masson locations.

    Delivery using our trucks is only possible within a 50km radius of our stores..
    For deliveries outside of this perimeter, delivery can be possible for an additional fee. For any handling needs, additional fees may also apply. Contact your local store or our online store customer service at

    In Case of Absence

    If you wish, you can authorize Purolator to leave your package at your door. To do so, visit, shipping services and choose “signature not required”.

    For any order over 250$, your signature will be required.

    For delivery by our trucks, your presence is mandatory and you will have to produce a valid I.D.

    Delivery, Shipping, and Pickup Delays

    Orders are prepared in less than 4 hours. Products that are out of stock can be prepared within 2 or 5 days. Products available exclusively online must be ordered directly from the supplier (no inventory in store), and are prepared within 1-2 weeks. You will receive an email when your products are ready for pickup or delivery.

    IN STORE PICKUP: Once your order is ready, you have 7 days to pick it up.

    SHIPPING : orders are usually shipped within 48h, from Monday to Friday. An approximate delivery time will be given to you once you have completed your order. Delivery times are only estimated and are calculated according to the shipping date, not the date the order was made. They are only a reference, and can change based on the acceptation and approbation of your order. We will spare no effort in ensuring that your product is delivered within (10) business days following the date your order was made. Business days are from Monday to Friday, except on holidays. Please take note that we do not ship anything on Sunday.
    The delivery date can also vary according to the delivery company, the location of the delivery, and the articles ordered. It is possible for products to be delivered in several separate packages.

    DELIVERY BY TRUCK: orders are prepared and shipped within 48h-120h. They can also be shipped later if you wish.

    Consult our detailed returns policy for more information, or contact us at

  • Are all the products available in store also available online?

    No. We have over 40 000 products in inventory across our stores. We also have all the special orders we offer in store and online. If you can’t find the product you are looking for online, we likely have it in store and we will be happy to order it for you. Don’t hesitate to make a request in store, or by contacting us at

    What does it mean if a product is marked Online Only?

    Certain articles are identified as available online only because they are not available in regular inventory in store. They are only available by special order, and you can find them on our online store.

    Certain products cannot be added to my cart. Why?

    They are simply no longer available because they are out of stock and cannot be renewed.

    Product restocking delays

    In spite of our best efforts, it can be possible for a product to be out of stock. This will increase the time it takes to treat your request. The delay will be 2-5 days for a product usually available in store.

    For products only available online or by special order, delays can vary between 1 and 2 weeks

    Certain products on sale or available in limited quantities may not be renewable.

    Can I transfer an article that is available in another store location?

    Articles that are on sale or only available in limited quantities cannot be transferred to another store location. Are you unsure if the article you want falls within this category? Contact us and we will be happy go through every scenario in order to provide you with the best service and maintain our competitive prices.

  • Cancelling an Order

    To cancel an order, partially or entirely, made through the Materiaux Pont-Masson inc website, all you need to do is contact our online sales customer service department at before your order is shipped. You will need to provide them with the number of your order mentioned in the email you have received.

    Materiaux Pont-Masson reserves the right to cancel any online purchase without notice before the item is delivered or picked up.

    Returns and Exchanges

    We accept returns. You can return an item directly in store, or you can ship it back to us. Online order returns are free in all our Canadian locations. Fee's may be applied.

    You can return unopened items that are still in their original packaging up to 90 days after your purchase, providing you have proof of purchase. Merchandise without a receipt, or that is not in its original packaging, may be accepted at Materiaux Pont-Masson’s discretion. Materiaux Pont-Masson inc reserves the right to ask for the name and information, as well as photo I.D., of the client before accepting merchandise returned without a receipt.

    If 90 days or more have passed since you purchased the item, we can no longer offer you an exchange or return.

    Products that cannot be Returned or Exchanged

    No returns on coloured paint, cut or modified products, special order products, motorized products requiring gas, as well as certain products for reasons of hygiene (toilet seats, masks, gloves, etc.), will be accepted.

    Items marked “Final Sale” are non-refundable.

    No gypsum returns on construction sites.
    No returns on opened packages of roofing tiles.
    No returns on exterior cladding.

    Consult our detailed returns policy for more information, or contact us at

    What to do if my Product is Defective

    Visit us in store or online at to let us know that your product is defective.

  • Is it Necessary to Open an Online Account in Order to Make Purchases?

    No, it is not necessary to open an account to make purchases online. However, by creating an account your identification and shipping information will be saved, helping you save time on your next purchases. You will also be able to save your favourite items thanks to our wish list.

    I Forgot my Password

    You can change your password at any time by following a few simple steps. An email containing your new password will be sent to the email address used to create the account.

    How can I Track my Order?

    By singing into your account, you can access your order immediately. Notification emails are also sent to you at every step of the process.

  • Do you want to share your in store experience with us?

    Contact us at . This address directly informs the director of operations and the president of your in store experience.

    Did you witness something on the road with one of our trucks?

    Contact us at . This address directly informs the director of operations and the president of your experience as a driver on the road, or as a witness on a construction site.

  • Which days are your stores closed in Quebec?

    - January 1st
    - January 2nd
    - Easter Sunday
    - June 24th
    - July 1st
    - Labour Day
    - December 25th
    - December 26th

    Which Days are your Stores Closed in Ontario?

    - January 1st
    - January 2nd
    - Family Day (3rd Monday in February)
    - Good Friday
    - Easter Sunday
    - Victoria Day (May 24th or the Monday preceding this date)
    - July 1st
    - Labour Day Monday
    - December 25th
    - December 26th


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